DRIFTERS is putting a bike rental out for the kids!

Finally, a kid’s bike that looks like a bike. A classic, streamlined profile combined with thinner, lighter tubing, equals happier kid. Designed with a lighter frame for a smoother, faster ride, your kids will have no problem keeping up while cruising the town.


-All bikes are equipped with bells, front and rear lights, and reflectors- 


Girls Lil Dutchi 20"


All rentals include lights, lock, and helmet

$18 Daily

    $58 Weekly


Boys Lil Roadster 20"

All bikes rentals include lights, lock, and helmet

$18 Daily

     $54 Weekly 

StAugustine Bike Rentals Kids Seat Drifters

Kids Bike Seat 


Comes with helmet!

$12 Daily

$28 Weekly