What's down that gravel road?

Sometimes that random stop at a liquor store off a side road for some beer and ice can lead you to exactly where you want to be.  

With no real plan to stay at any specific camp or park, we needed to stop and grab a few things and figure out our first stop on the coast. The first spot we came across was a small liquor store with no store front sign. Just a florescent liquor store sign in the window saying open. Anxious to get to the water, we quickly grabbed some beer, ice, and whiskey for the night. As we were trying to figure out where we should set up for the night, the store owner over heard us and made a suggestion that would put us exactly where we wanted to be. 

He told us to continue down the road behind his store and it would lead us to what we were looking for. He assured us that we needed to just go down the road and take a look for ourselves.

 He was right...