"I never drink wine but...whatever" -Aaron B.

When you hit wine country just before sunset, you have to stop and make the most of it!  

As we were making our way to San Fransisco, we started to drift into Napa Valley right as the sun was putting on a show, changing all the colors and making the shadows long as the sun dropped lower in this valley with some of the richest greens and some of the best wine this amazing planet has to offer. I turned and asked Aaron if he would be down to stop and check out the valley. Aaron turned and looked at me replying "I never drink wine but...whatever!". In other words, he's down!

It was a Sunday around 7pm and the likely hood of anything being open was slim to none. We jumped off the next exit with no set spot to find. As we drove around, we noticed everything appeared to be closed hours ago. No cars, no people and no one around to ask. We pulled into a random shop and a guy with his dog and a glass of wine came walking up asking "Whats that Big Blue Van thing anyway?". I gave him the short of it all and mentioned we were hoping to get to taste some wine and grab a few bottles.

He just happened to be the only guy out and the only guy we needed to see. He worked on a vineyard just up the hill and got us to meet with the owner for our own private tasting and all the views our eyes could drink in with no one else in site.

That random exit gave us exactly what we were looking for...