Grab & Go Bean Bag Toss folds in half with a handle for an easy light carry to and from the beach.  

With two games in one, if you want to switch it up just flip it over and play tic-tac-toe!   

$20 Daily

      $38 Weekly 


Fold & Go Golf Toss is designed for an easy collapsable frame that makes it convenient for you to "fold and go" straight to the beach and play a few rounds!

$20 Daily

     $38 Weekly 


                                Horseshoes is a must when having a day at the beach! 

$20 Daily

     $38 Weekly


Bocce Ball is a timeless game that's fun for everyone!  

St. Augustine's beaches have the best sand for Bocce, so take advantage and reserve your set now! 

$16 Daily 

    $34 Weekly 


Paddle Ball is great for anyone looking to have fun at the beach.  

Get up and get active at the beach, and reserve yours now!

$8 Daily

       $18 Weekly