**** Waivers MUST BE signed for each individual using DRIFTERS rental equipment before time of delivery. If waivers are not signed, order will be canceled with NO REFUND.****

The lessee of any and all equipment provided by DRIFTERS Beach and Bike Rentals, LLC. (the lessor) agrees to release DRIFTERS Beach and Bike Rentals, and employees there of, from any liability, causes of action, or claims from the proper or improper operation of the equipment rented from the lessor.

The lessee agrees to pay all charges in full, including damages and late fees, which may accrue over the length of this agreement. It is agreed that the lessee will return any and all equipment in the same condition that the equipment was received by the lessee, with the express exception of normal wear and tear. Lessee is solely liable for misplaced, lost, unsecured, abused or damaged equipment provided by the lessor.

While it is our desire for each and every customer to enjoy their bike riding experience we do allow our bikes to be ridden on the beach but not in the saltwater. Beach cruiser bikes ridden in saltwater will be assessed a minimum of $30 for damage, if cost to repair is in excess of the minimum fee the true cost of repair, including parts and labor, will be charged to lessee. DRIFTERS Beach and Bike Rentals, LLC. in its’ sole discretion, based on many years of experience providing rental equipment in a beach environment, will judge whether bikes have been ridden on the beach or in the ocean. Lessee agrees that any and all charges of this fee will be charged to the credit card that they provided as the security deposit when the order was placed.

Charges to lessee for initial rental cost will be made after lessee places online order and or phone order to DRIFTERS Beach and Bike Rentals, LLC. In the event lessee changes or cancels the rental 24 hours prior to delivery, DRIFTERS Beach and Bike Rentals, LLC. will not charge any fees. However, if bikes have already been delivered and customer cancels the order there will be NO REFUND. Partial cancellations and changes to orders will be considered on a case by case basis.

Unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties, deliveries will occur on agreed scheduled time. Please notify DRIFTERS Beach and Bike Rentals, LLC. with any requests for a specific delivery or pick up time. You may do so by phone at 904-315-6150. While we cannot guarantee a different time we will make every effort to accommodate any reasonable request.